The Story So Far

Paul Horton 2009

If you've got this far then I thank you for being interested in me and my work. I actually spent 25 years not painting on a regular basis so I have a lot of "catch up" time to make! I am a self taught artist, inspired by the great artists from the past and present to paint, Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, Joseph Turner, Dick Twinney, Clive Meredith, Steven A Bove, John Myatt, Jack Vettriano and Stuart Gatherer and more recently Janhendrik Dolsma and Mitch Griffiths.

I have spent most of my working life away from Art, just now and again painting a picture for a friend or relative. I was never encouraged to paint or draw, certainly never told I could paint pictures that people would like to buy!

The more I painted the more relaxing I found it, not to mention the excitement of looking at the finished canvas and remembering that not long before it was blank!

In September 2007 I started to paint on a regular basis, from 4 pictures in the previous 25 years to four pictures in that first week of September 2007!

Finding art was my savior in life, without it there is something missing!

In 2013, after suffering a chest infection and unable to paint, I wrote my first fiction novel "The Darkness" which was released in December 2013 - see links (Author P.J. Horton) or visit

I hope you have enjoyed looking through a small selection of my artwork, your feedback is very much appreciated.

You can also see my work on other websites (see the external links on the right hand side of this and the front page).

You can purchase originals and prints directly from myself or from, Fine Art America or The Untapped Source Gallery see external links.

I am looking for galleries to display my work in the UK and beyond, please contact me if you are interested.

Thank you and be happy viewing the wonderful world of art.

Best Regards


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